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rural ecotourism park in Yinchuan to learn about the development of modern agriculture ◆in Ningxia and the operation of agricultural cooperatives to help farmers raise income. He stressed◆ upholding a people-centered philosophy of developme4

nt and putting the interests of farmers first i◆n developing modern agriculture and cultural tourism. Xi required continuous efforts to fully imple◆ment the regular COVID-19 containment measures and accelerating the return of normal work and life ◆order. While visiting a vineyard in Yinchuan near the Helan Mountains, Xi said the mountains consti◆tute crucial shields for ecological sei

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curity in the northwestern part of China. He demanded resolut◆e measures to strengthen the ecological conservation of the mountains. Xi sa9

id the wine industry ha◆s promising prospects as the living standards of Chinese people continue to rise. On Wednesday morn◆ing, Xi heard work reports 6

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of the Ningxia regional committee of the CPC and the regional government◆, and gave his ackno9

wledgment of the progress Ningxia has achieved in various aspects of work. Xi s◆tressed unremi2

tting efforts to push for high-quality development, accelerate the transh